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Today is Veterans Day. Take time to thank a veteran for his or her military service. They have paid the highest price to ensure we continue to enjoy the freedom to bicker, point fingers, name-call and play political games with each other. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Thank you, veterans! By the way, the Herald Times still has copies of our veterans’ book, with stories and pictures from Rio Blanco County veterans, available for purchase.
Apparently Colorado’s moose have yet to figure out it’s the season to hide out on private land. Ten moose have been accidentally killed by hunters this year. Perhaps the procedure for obtaining a hunting license should include an “identify your target” test.
Happy birthday this week to Bernie Gantt and Bill Harp, Nov. 11; Chelsea Sexton, Marki Cook and Cherokee Burnell, Nov. 12; Ken Steele, Shelly Nielsen and Marci Nielsen, Nov. 13; Megan Ridings and Jessica Berthelson, Nov. 14; Ryan Wix, Nov. 15; Karen Arnold, Ashley Roach and Liliana Piper, Nov. 16; Evie Chambers and Betty Lou Moyer, Nov. 17. And a happy belated birthday to T.Vance Watt, Nov. 3, Ronald Robb, Nov. 6 and D.W. Cockley, Nov. 9.
Happy anniversary this week to Chuck and Susan Mills, Nov. 11; Chris and Lynn Carroll, Nov. 14.
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