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We’re readying ourselves for the annual festival of abundance: Thanksgiving. And while we plan our menus around turkey and stuffing and corn and green bean casserole, a truly authentic Thanksgiving feast wouldn’t have had most of those items. Instead, they ate such delicacies as roasted eel. Try putting that out on a platter for the in-laws this year!
Will you be celebrating the holiday at home, or headed over the hills and through the woods (that’s literal, in our case) to the home of a friend or family member?
The deer in Craig are disturbing the peace. At least, that’s the notion of a number of Moffat County citizens. We’ve got deer in Meeker, too. Some of the biggest, meanest bucks around are known to frequent certain neighborhoods and backyards. Do you think they are a problem the government needs to step in and solve?
Happy birthday to J.C. Watt, Valerie Sullivan, and Thad Hauck, Nov. 18; Michael Mayer, Nov. 19; Tim Nelson, Kate Proctor and Brad Campbell, Nov. 21; Kyler Bland, R.J. Palmer, Nov. 22; Nina Mintz, Roy Kinney, and Jim McFarland, Nov. 23; Chance Walker, Nov. 24.
Happy anniversary this week to John and Laurel Haney, Nov. 18; George and Peggy Back, Nov. 23; and Wayne and Vicky Johnson, Nov. 24.
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