Meeker Locals

The Meeker Pageant is in desperate need of a director and volunteers in order to stay on the Range Call program. The Range Call committee will be finalizing this year’s schedule at their next meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 26. If no one steps up to volunteer by then, the pageant will be scratched for 2011. Can you help?
We’re wishing happy belated birthdays to the following folks: Julie Jansen, Jan. 6; Richard Bland, Marti Walsh, Dick Merriam, Stephanie Oldland and Autumn Lawson, Jan. 7; Morgan Neilson and Pam Cook, Jan. 8; Marcus Kindall and Beth Hollowed, Jan. 9; Mac McFarland, Jan. 10; Katie Day and Connor Blunt, Jan. 11; Earl Shrode and Cameron Glasscock, Jan. 12; J.D. Merriam and Chip Brown, Jan. 13; Angelo Theos, Jan. 14; Hal Pearce, Jan. 15; Shannon Merriam, Kinzy Burke and Teagan Oliver, Jan. 16; Mike Tate, Thomas Kennedy and Steven Walsh, Jan. 17; John Hampton Hightower, Jan. 18; Logan Hale, Ellen Pettijohn and Steve Balloga, Jan. 19; Wendy Gutierrez, Theo Stewart and Doris Welle, Jan. 20; Charlie Day, Eva Scritchfield, Carter Strate and Patrick Walsh, Jan. 22; Justin Giao, Jan. 23; Cliff Chapin, Bob Carden, David Henderson and Terry Thompson, Jan. 24; Artie Parr, Jan. 25; Melanie McKee, Jan. 26.
Belated happy anniversary wishes to Dave and Betsy Allen, Jan. 8; Vic and Chiyoko Caldwell, Jan. 9; Paul and Shannon Sheridan, Jan. 11; Johnny and Patti Arrington, Jan. 16; Lisa and David Piper, Jan. 18; Web and Kristine Frantz, Jan. 25.
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