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Is anyone else glad January is almost over? For some reason, January seems like the longest month of the entire year.
Monday, Jan. 31 is Backward Day. For those of you who frequently do things backward (and we know you’re out there) it might be a good time to reverse your normal course. Today, by the way, is Chocolate Cake day.
Tragedy struck the Apollo space program on Jan. 27, 1967. A fire in the Apollo command module killed astronauts Lt. Col. Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Lt. Col. Edward H. White, and Lt. Cdr. Roger Chafee. Strangely, Jan. 28, 1986 is the anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger explosion that killed the seven crew members aboard.
Were you able to get out to the Meeker Hotel to enjoy a visit by former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt? Kudos to all involved on a job well done! You can view the pictures and find out what’s next in their line-up of special events at
Happy birthday this week to Jim Cook, Earl Stout, Makaila Etchart, and Bonnie Kracht, Jan. 27; Twila Morris, Mike Whalin and Curll Kline, Jan. 28; Thomas Garrett, Jan. 29; Vicki Watson and Kai Turner, Jan. 30; Dennis Norvell and Sofia Cojocaru, Jan. 31; Karen Jensen, Tyrell Turner, Coy Leonard and Joe Collins, Feb. 1; Glenda Wenschhof, Feb. 2.
Happy anniversary to Ted and JoAnn Ruckman, Jan. 30; and Tim and Cindy Nelson, Jan. 31. Linda Kline wishes “happy new year to friends and family from Arizona. We will see you this spring.”
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