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Whether you realize it or not, there’s a historic connection between the city of Greeley on the Front Range and the town of Meeker. Nathan Meeker worked as a reporter for Horace Greeley. Greeley, it is said, visited the town that bears his name for one day in 1870. He loaned Meeker the money to start the Greeley Tribune and returned to his native New York. A few years later, Nathan Meeker would travel to the western slope and take on his fateful role as a Federal Indian agent at the White River settlement. The loan Greeley made to start the Tribune was never repaid.
February and March are traditionally the snowiest months of the year. Just when other folks start to think about spring, we must keep our attention fixed on our snow shovels.
Valentine’s Day is coming up on Monday. Chocolate, a treat no matter what the season, is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Did you know chocolate is from South America? It’s derived from the cacao bean, and from the time of the Mayans was a substance reserved for the wealthy elite. In 1730 a pound of cacao beans sold for $3. A pound of cacao beans in February 2011? $1.48 per pound.
Happy belated birthday to Constance Hughes, Feb. 7 and Melba LeFevre, Feb. 8.
Happy birthday this week to Patti Merriam, Feb. 10; Jason Steiner, Feb. 11; Rob Baughman, Feb. 12; Larry Hayes, Feb. 13; Eli Newman, Feb. 14; Wendy Garrett, Feb. 15; Anna Eliasen and David Steinman, Feb. 16.
Happy anniversary to Tom and Cindy Charest, as well as Bobby Deanna Lawson, Feb. 14.
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