Meeker Locals: February 14, 2008

MEEKER — Happy Valentine’s Day! As snow continues to fall outside, in spite of the fact February is traditionally our driest month, our thoughts turn to visions of spring. Oh, sorry, springtime in the Rockies looks just like winter in the Rockies, doesn’t it? OK, let’s go with visions of summer.
Speaking of, there is a new island in the Pacific, although it’s not one you’d want to visit for a tropical vacation. Reportedly 3.5 million tons, the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is actually a floating assortment of trash and debris. There’s a sort of vortex of ocean currents that has gathered the collection of junk into one place, growing an estimated 10 percent per decade since the 1950s. Someone should make a horror movie: “The Creature from the Floating Garbage Patch.” It could rise out of it’s toxic trash soup and devour San Francisco. Just kidding.
Do you know the definition of “monopoly?” Not the board game, but the actual word. It’s defined by Webster’s as “exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.”
Small-town residents get slammed on both sides,
it seems. At home, limited choices and lack of competition equals higher prices. Go out of town for better pricing (or just to have some options) and pay through the nose for transportation, delivery and other fees.
Happy birthday this week to Claire Burke, Feb. 14; Wendy Garrett, Feb. 15;
Zoe Flannery, David Steinman, Anna Eliason, Feb. 16;
Kris Borchard, Cassandra Fronatt, Justine Fronatt, Logan Piper, Constance M. Hughes, Feb. 17; Kent Borchard, Mark Etchart, Molly Theos, Hallie Blunt, Janet Henderson, Michelle Miller, Feb. 18; Jordan Smith, Feb. 19; Lisa Pakuer, Feb. 20.
Happy anniversary wishes to Tom and Cindy Charest today, Feb. 14. Mike and Susan Knezovich celebrate their anniversary Feb. 15. And happy anniversary wishes to Jean and Dan Wood, Feb. 18.
Are you or your family members missing from this list?
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