Meeker Locals: May 1, 2008

MEEKER — Happy May Day! Most modern Americans are not very familiar with this ancient Celtic holiday. There are actually a number of public holidays celebrated worldwide on May 1, including International Worker’s Day. The most familiar traditions associated with May Day involve flower-filled baskets left anonymously on doorsteps and dancing around May poles. Warning to May Day basket givers: tradition has it that if the person catches you leaving the basket you have to kiss them, so consider where you drop baskets or plan on running fast!
Students at St. Andrews University in Scotland typically celebrate May Day with a sunrise skinny dip in the freezing North Sea.
This might come as a surprise: according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Rio Blanco County experienced the largest increase in personal income — 15 percent — in the state in 2006. That puts RBC in 14th place in per capita income in Colorado. In 1996, RBC ranked 32nd.
Locals celebrating birthdays this week include Dannon Bolton and Danny Garcia, May 1; Joanie Jensen, May 2; Hailey Asselin, May 3; Gracelyn Bradfield, Jane Clugston and Vicki L. Crawford, May 4; Starla Morris and Ed Amato, May 5; Cody Murray, May 6; Johnny Wix and Merle Brenton, May 7.
Happy anniversary to Paul and Kris Nold, May 6.
Apologies to Sarah Welle for the incorrect date: her birthday was March 20, not April 30 as reported last week.
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