Meeker Locals: May 22, 2008

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MEEKER — The Meeker “incident” also known as the Meeker Massacre will probably always be surrounded by a certain amount of uncertainty and mystery, since there were no reporters on hand or webcams or television crews around to document the event. However, an article in a nearby paper last week added a whole new element to the legend, describing how a “farmer John Meeker” was killed by Native Americans. Does anybody remember “Farmer John Meeker?” Funny, I thought his name was Nathan Meeker, and he was an Indian agent to the Utes in this area who didn’t necessarily have a very good understanding of the culture of the people he was sent to represent.
It just goes to show how important it is for the annual Range Call pageant to accurately re-enact the events of that difficult time in our history with the utmost in diplomacy and respect and veracity for the achievements and failures of both parties. Otherwise, what truth we have that is verified will eventually be lost, sensationalized, dramatized or twisted.
Meekerites to wish happy birthday to this week include Juanita Rohn, Christina Mendoza, Stan Wyatt, Tiffany Piper and Ben Buckles, May 22; Mike Cook and Brookelynn Snyder, May 23; Todd Morris and Linn Pettijohn, May 24; Liam Deming, Becker Bullard and Joe Gutierrez May 25; Kirstie Strate and Jessica Palmer, May 26; Pam Stranathan and Susan Wahl, May 27; Shane Gardner and Amanda Scherbarth, May 28.
Happy anniversary to John and Michelle Wix, May 22; Ed and Debbie King, May 24; Ellen and Joe Nieslanik, May 28.
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