Meeker Locals: May 7 edition

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Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Don’t forget to honor the mothers in your life — biological, adopted, spiritual, in-law, and so forth. Lent them know you appreciate all they do.
It’s also a good time to remember that classic motherly advice to “wash your hands” and “cover your mouth when you cough.” Let’s not be paranoid, and let’s not be stupid, either.
You might hear some dramatically different opinions concerning the articles about the recent overdose death of a local youth. Some folks hold fast to the idea that “kids will be kids” and that drinking, carousing, experimenting with sex and drugs, and heavy partying are just part of the teen experience. Here’s a question? If this is what we expect from them, that’s exactly what we’ll get. Maybe the adults in the community should change their perception of what “normal” is for kids. Just because you “survived” your teen years that way doesn’t mean it was the best way to grow up.
Happy belated birthday to Donna Torres, yesterday, May 6. Celebrating birthdays this week are Chiyoko Caldwell, May 7; Peggy Strate and Quinn Wix, May 8; Jace Mobley, James Anderson, May 9; Bethany Murray and Mike Washburn, May 10; Kathryn Doll and Tyler Piper May 11; Emily Eliasen and Kalene Weinholdt, May 12; Ernest Garcia, Betty Jo Oliver and Nan Hearn, May 13.
Happy anniversary wishes to David and Sandy Scherbarth, May 12.
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