Meeker Locals: October 16, 2008

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The “orange invasion” has begun in earnest. How can we tell? Because all the deer have moved into town! We’ve spotted several nice big bucks casually munching apples in the field across the street from BLM and the Forest Service. It’s probably quieter down here.
And while we always welcome hunters to our fair community, those who come down from the hills clad in full-body safety orange and mismatched camouflage should not be surprised by the occasional snicker from a local. It’s the hunting season equivalent of the out-of-state skier in a flamingo-pink snowsuit, flying headfirst into a mogul in rental boots. Or the fish-belly white beach-goer with strange tan lines and socks and sandals. And who can forget, or ignore, the first-time visitor to a big city, neck craned back to look up at the skyscrapers, creating a pedestrian hazard in the middle of the sidewalk during lunch hour. Tourists — you’ve got to love them — because one of these days, somewhere, you’ll be one!
Mean-while, if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary this week, we’d like to wish you the very best on your special day. Here are some of the names we have on file: Mitch Bettis, JoAnn Ruckman, Debi King, Bonnie Carden, Trish Hallebach and Troy Hilkey, Oct. 16 (which is also National Boss’s Day); Rodney Dunham, Oct. 18; Judy Davis, Oct. 19; Ethan Turner, Oct. 20; Pat Darrow, Gerald Morris, and Jenna Walsh, Cindi Nielson, Mary Cunningham, Oct. 21; Karrin Mezarina, Jamie Gillis, Oct. 22.
Did we miss you? Were our dates wrong? Is there someone you’d like to send a special greeting to? There’s no “in crowd” in Harold’s column, so if we didn’t list your birthday or anniversary, it’s because we don’t have your information! Please let us know if we’ve missed a birthday or anniversary, or if we need to update our files. It’s interactive news! Send info to, or mail items to P.O. Box 720, Meeker, Colo., 81641.