Meeker Locals: October 23, 2008

Did anyone make the drive to Grand Junction’s Suplizio Field Monday evening to hear Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s speech? Speaking of the election — you have less than two weeks to read through the 2008 state ballot booklet. Considering that it’s more than 110 pages long, that means you need to get through about 10 pages per day. And that’s just the state stuff — you still need to read up on the pros and cons of the local measures and do some research on all the candidates running for office. Homework, folks, homework.
Harold sends happy birthday wishes to Rhonda Cochran, Jason Back, Calvin Clark and Sally E. Johnson, Oct. 23; Rita Proctor, Oct. 24; Dennis Rohn, Nick Cojocaru, Dick Collins Sr., and Jake Massey, Oct. 26; Mary Arnold, Cody and Cole Purcell, Corey and Caleb Hearn, Oct. 27; Charlie Scherbarth and Chris Viscardi and Luis Villalpando, Oct. 28; Jake Welle, Laurel Haney and Starley Ann Bullard, Oct. 29; Jordan Haney, Oct. 30.
Happy anniversary to Glen and Phyllis Wigington, Oct. 30.
Do you have your costume ready for next weekend’s Halloween festivities? Most popular pick for girls this year is Hannah Montana; for boys it’s Indiana Jones. For the adults, ladies can choose from any number of ‘80s cartoon characters or pop music stars. Yes, the ‘80s are back, with a vengeance. For the fellas, Batman or Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker are top picks. And in an election year, political costumes are always a good bet.
Did we miss you? Were our dates wrong? Is there someone you’d like to send a special greeting to? If we didn’t list your birthday or anniversary, it’s because we don’t have your information! Please let us know if we’ve missed a birthday or anniversary.