Meeker Massacre pageant in jeopardy

MEEKER I The Meeker Pageant (a.k.a. the Meeker Massacre) has been part of the Fourth of July Range Call celebration for decades, providing an opportunity for residents to participate in a dramatized reenactment of the region’s history. Volunteers work tirelessly prior to Range Call making costumes and building props, rehearsing lines and coordinating a cast of children, teenagers, adults and animals. It’s a show of “epic” proportions for a community of this size.
This year, the pageant faces a new challenge: a lack of participation. Longtime pageant director Ryan Stewart “retired” last year, and the number of volunteers has dwindled to a skeleton crew.
“We once again are without a director and not enough volunteers to make it happen,” said Range Call committee president Suzan Pelloni. “We are worried that if we do not find a director and a few people that are willing to help us, the committee will have to discontinue the traditional event.”
The clock is ticking for the Range Call committee to make a decision about the pageant. The 2011 schedule will be finalized next week.
“If no one volunteers by then, the pageant will be removed from the 2011 schedule,” Pelloni stated.
If you are interested in continuing this long-standing tradition, please contact Pelloni at (970)623-2900 by Wednesday, Jan. 26 to volunteer.