Meeker principals get contracts

MEEKER I Not without controversy, all three of Meeker’s school principals received offers for one-year contracts Tuesday night from the Meeker School Board.
Meeker Elementary School Principal Jason Hightower received a 5-0 nod from the board members present, Jerry Oldland, Iris Franklin, Bill deVergie, Kurt Blunt and Marnell Bradfield.
Barone Middle School Principal Jim Hanks had his contract offer following a 3-2 vote. There was no floor discussion on Hightower’s or Hanks’ contract, but those supporting Hanks’ contract were Oldland, Franklin and deVergie with Bradfield and Blunt opposed.
When it was time to vote on Meeker High School Principal Jeremy Voytko’s contract, Bradfield said she would like a few questions answered before she voted, then she made a motion to table the vote until the next meeting. Blunt seconded her motion, but the motion to table the contract died upon a 3-2 vote, opposed by Oldland, Franklin and deVergie.
With the tabling motion denied, a vote was taken of the five members present with Oldland, Franklin and deVergie voting to offer Voytko a contract. Bradfield and Blunt voted aagainst the contract.
In other action, the board voted to accept the resignation of Jennifer Pockrus, an elementary instructional paraprofessional, who is leaving Meeker. The resignation is effective April 26.