Meeker Town Administrator resigns in executive session


Meeker will begin the search for a new town administrator following the resignation of Scott Meszaros. Meszaros replaced longtime town administrator Sharon Day following her retirement in 2012.

Meszaros submitted his resignation Wednesday, Nov. 14 during an executive session of the board. The board appointed Town Clerk Lisa Cook as interim town administrator.


In the regular meeting, the board discussed crosswalks.

Trustee Wendy Gutierrez said she had attending several meetings to discuss town improvements in which crosswalks came up.

“Crosswalks on the highway, or a safe way to cross the highway, were on multiple suggestions for ways to improve Meeker. There were some fun things around it,” said Gutierrez, who has advocated for safe crosswalks on Market Street (Highway 13) for years. “We got a letter a few years ago from Andy Staley [CDOT] that said since we hadn’t had any accidents or anyone injured, it wasn’t a priority. I called again after these meetings and got a totally different tone.”

Gutierrez said the CDOT representative she spoke with suggested looking into LED lights that only come on with a pedestrian pushes a button. Similar lights are in place in Rifle and Glenwood, and Rangely began discussions to implement crosswalks at its last town meeting after the loss of its stoplight last year.

The board discussed grant options, such as the “Safe-to-School” grant, that could help pay for the cost of the crosswalks.

Where to place the crosswalks is a subject of discussion, with Chief of Police Phil Stubblefield saying he believes Fifth and Sixth streets are the busiest.

Town Clerk Lisa Cook said it makes sense to put the cost of the crosswalks in the 2019 budget.

The board agreed that it’s time to start “moving in that direction,” and agreed to budget $50,000 in 2019 to move forward.


The town agreed to donate $17,000 to the Meeker Sportsman’s Club dedicated toward the purchase of the gun range, which is used by town and county law enforcement to maintain qualifications. With the announcement of the sale of the gun range property to Mike Clark, the board determined to request the $17,000 be returned to the town until the Club is ready to move forward with a new plan.