Meet MSD’s new band director

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MEEKER | Newcomers in this little town have become more frequent as the years go on. One of the more recent additions, Randy Adams and his wife, are from a small town outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Vacationing in Colorado made the couple fall in love with the state, causing Adams to set up alerts on his phone to notify him of job openings in Colorado.

The couple’s journey to Meeker started last June. “We were drinking strawberry wine in a Kansas winery when a notification pops up on my phone: Band Director Position in Meeker, CO,” Adams said. They decided to make a pit stop in Meeker after finding out the town is in the Rockies. The trip made it a “no-brainer” that this is their dream destination and also his dream job.

Adams describes his introduction into the music world as something he fell into. He loves being able to conduct all ensembles. His students’ success reflects back to him and he experiences a great sense of pride watching his students succeed from sixth grade all the way to 12th grade.

His diverse background in conducting the Indianapolis Trombone Choir, jazz bands, and other bands and choirs has led him to different teaching jobs for all ages. Most of his time in Indianapolis was spent teaching band to elementary school children. He later moved on to teach middle school and high school students in Arizona, Tennessee and ultimately, here. All of these experiences play into what he hopes to create here in Meeker.

He spent his first semester in Meeker observing and learning who all the players were in his program. That way he can better understand what route to take that students will be interested in. “I don’t want to force anybody into anything,” he states. He currently has a few plans in the works that will add something new to Meeker’s band program. He hopes to get a drumline started for middle and high school students that can one day turn into a competitive drumline. He also hopes to start up a jazz band for the kids as well.

Adams and his wife have fallen in love with Meeker since they’ve moved into town. He describes this town as “living in a painting.” Moving here allowed them to get out of city traffic where they’d have to drive one and half hours in and out of the city to get to work everyday. Whereas now, they get to hike whenever with our quick access to scenic walkways all around town.

There’s much to look forward to with the new ideas and opportunities in the Meeker band program. Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements about concerts or performances to help support the local band and choir kids.

By Sophia Geodert – Special to the Herald Times