MHS construction on track

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MEEKER | The new Meeker High School is under way despite the cold windy winter weather approaching us. Besides the speed bumps and having the take the “long way” to the sports gym, Haselden Construction has nestled their way into our small town. The building of the new school has filled hotels and sustained restaurants, but most importantly Haselden is helping create a piece of Meeker history.

The original Meeker High School was built in November of 1955. The originals walls held almost 64 years of Cowboy history. History that has produced state champions in athletics, art, and extra circular clubs. In 64 years, hundreds of students graduated from Meeker High School and went on to build families and find careers. Some came back, others never returned. But they all have one thing in common, they will always be Meeker Cowboys.

Memories made in the old halls cannot be forgotten. Parts of the 1955 original structure will remain as they are being worked in with the new building. Remains of the catwalk signatures will always be under the new instillation of the auditorium ceiling. The old gym will forever have a bleacher place for Mr. Frisby, and the M will stand proudly inside the staircase of the new building.

The movement of the school is on schedule. The workers have powered through with the fast-coming winter weather to assure that the project stays on track. They poured the remainder of the auxiliary gym concrete slab on grade last Saturday. The next steps are selected demolition in the auditorium. They are also installing shallow utilities in the future art room and kitchen.

Adison Harvat

Adison Harvat is the construction management associate for Haselden. Adison is a recent college graduate from Colorado State University where he graduated with a degree in construction management. His passion for construction led him to Meeker where he spends his workday managing the construction site of the new building. He helps coordination of sub-contractors and ensures that proper building materials are used and installed correctly.

The dedication Harvat has for the Meeker project isn’t just kept under his hard hat. “I love the community interactions and support this community shows for the school. The overall involvement of the community really adds to the small-town, hometown feel,” Harvat said.

This fall, he coached for the Middle School Cowboy football team alongside Coach Browning and Coach Quinn.

Harvat is just one of the passionate people who are behind the building of the new school. As Harvat said, “we have a really good team behind us.”