MHS grad looks to state house

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RBC I Flipping through the pages of the 1965 Meeker High School yearbook, one will stumble upon a young Lorna Idol. Who would ever guess this smart, attractive girl played sports, hunted with her brother, loved to dance with her friends and enjoyed math would one day be running for the House of Representatives, fighting strong for what she believes in.
Dr. Lorna Idol was graduated from Meeker High in 1965 and continued on to the University of Denver on a Methodist Church scholarship. She later received a Ph.D. from New Mexico. She taught for five years in special education.
“Teachers are not paid enough,” Idol said after being ask what she would do change high school and help high schoolers. “Five day school weeks and full day kindergarten for students are very important.”
Lorna Idol is fighting even against the darker side of high school, attempting to throw the brakes on the drinking, drug, and tobacco use in high school. She believes that by not legalizing marijuana, that schools would drop in the amount of drug use. “High school is the future of America.”
Environment, education, healthy living and supporting working class families is the center of the campaign. One of her primary concerns, however, is the high cost of campaigns and how big money is now running the political process. Idol believes that spending too much money on a campaign should be unconstitutional.
For other campaign issues, Dr. Idol wants to use the trees killed from beetles for construction to invigorate the Colorado economy and because too much construction wood is currently being imported Canada. She also wants to increase the amount of money spent on mental health.
Lorna Idol has come a long way from the little town of Meeker and shows a Cowboy can do anything. Anyone interested in the Lorna Idol campaign can visit