MHS Homecoming Photos & Contest Results

Meeker High School Student Council President Briar Meszaros uses an extra-long stick to roast a marshmallow at the Homecoming bonfire held at the Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds. Reed Kelley photo

MEEKER | The results of Meeker’s Homecoming spirit week contests were announced during last Friday’s football game against Monte Vista High School. The MHS Student Council, which was responsible for organizing and running Homecoming week except for the dance on Saturday, chose to honor the school’s three custodians: Brent Rowles, Russell McClain and Victor Saenz as parade marshals.
The elected royalty were Queen Julia Dinwiddie (sophomore) and King Pake Burke (junior). First attendants were junior Gracie Bradfield and Indian exchange student Saikumar Kallepelly, a junior. Second attendants were junior Mikayla Cardile and senior Zach Dinwiddie. The crown bearers who assisted with the ceremony were Brig and Denali Williams.
This year’s homecoming theme was Around the World. The students and some faculty dressed up each day according to themes: America Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Around the World Wednesday and Meeker Pride Thursday. Class participation was high and each class won a spirit day. Monday the sophomores won; Tuesday the freshmen won; Wednesday the juniors won; and the seniors won Meeker Pride Thursday.
The hallway decoration winners were the juniors, first place; freshmen, second place; sophomores third; and the seniors fourth. For the gym decoration, the seniors won followed by the sophomores and juniors who tied for second, and the freshmen last. In the parade float competition, the seniors placed first, second were the freshmen, third the sophomores and last the juniors.
The overall totals for these competitions gave the MHS seniors first place, the freshmen were second and the sophomores and juniors tied for third.

Photos by Bobby Gutierrez