MHS names student government leaders

MEEKER I Apparently believing that all are tired of extended campaigning, Meeker High School held student government class elections the first day of school last week. Class officers and student council representatives now join the student council officers elected in the spring in forming MHS student governance.

The class of 2020 (freshmen) on Aug. 22 elected Annelise Amack as president; Jenny Kincher as vice president; Kirsten Brown as secretary; and Ridge Williams as treasurer. Brynlee Williams and Kolbi Franklin were elected student council representatives. Teachers Naomi Etchart, Patti Merrifield and Trina Smith are 2020 class sponsors. The freshmen will be in charge of volleyball and wrestling concessions.
The class of 2019 (sophomores) elected Pake Burke as president; Jorgen Stagg as vice president; Lila Klinglesmith as class secretary; Kinzy Turner as treasurer; and Briar Meszaros and Megan Shelton as council representatives. Teachers Cheri Robinson, Michelle Selle and John Strate are 2019 class sponsors. The sophomores will be in charge of football and basketball concessions.
The class of 2018 (juniors) will be led by Josie Drussell as president; Maddie Arnold as vice president; Natalie Simonsen as secretary; Sierra Williams as treasurer and Avery Watt and Riley Pertile as council representativers. Class of 2018 teacher sponsors are Katelyn Kuck, Denee Chintala and Ben Quinn.
Leading this year’s graduating class of 2017 (seniors) are Lori Ann Klinglesmith as president; Maggie Phelan as vice president; Kendra Nelson as secretary; Meghan Smith as treasurer; with Nishiko Thelen and Brooke Ford as council representatives. Brenda Hummel, Diane Ewing and Zach Clatterbaugh are the senior class teacher sponsors.
Overall student government officers are: Madeline Amack as president; Christopher Strate as vice president; Julia Eskelson as secretary; and Delenn Mobley as treasurer. Casey Turner is the student councill parliamentarian.
Kathleen Kelley, a high school language arts teacher and council advisor, reflecting on the elected students, said, “It’s going to by a dynamic, fun year!”
Neither Barone Middle School nor Meeker Elementary School have yet established their student governments for the year.