MHS students start fundraiser

MEEKER | Meeker High School students Ainsley Selle and Savannah Mendenhall have recently created a program called Hope for Healing Hands, designed to give back to healthcare workers, EMTs, school staff and administrators, and law enforcement.

The idea started when the two students saw how COVID-19 has impacted those on the front lines. “We’ve seen how hard they’ve been working and we wanted to give back and bring joy to the workers,” says Selle. Savannah Mendenhall has always admired the work that frontliners put in and it has inspired her to pursue a future in nursing.

The two will use all locally-purchased items to supply their baskets for the workers. Featuring an assortment of sweets, knickknacks, and thank you cards from the elementary school students. For the nurses and hospital, they plan to work alongside the local restaurants to cater meals for the workers.

Hope for Healing Hands will run solely off of donations from the community. There has been a Go Fund Me created specifically for the program and with the community’s help they hope to raise $2,000 or more for purchasing the goods for the baskets. To donate to the organizations, you can go to the website and enter a donation of your choice.

By Sophia Goedert – Special to the Herald Times