Micro loans now available for local ag

The Community Agriculture Alliance (CAA) is pleased to announce another round of funding for the Micro Loan Program, focused on providing low interest, short term micro loans for local agriculture producers. The program is funded by generous donors who truly believe in investing in agriculture.

A committee of CAA board members will accept and review loan applications, with a due date of Dec. 15, 2021. Applications will be reviewed in December with notification in early January. Loan terms and amounts will be based on specific project details, but are focused on existing local ag producers. 

Key details for applicants to consider:

• Must be existing agriculture business or operation, with a special interest in food production within the Yampa Valley

• Must be 18 years and older, or have adult co-signer

• Must adhere to CAA Anti-Discrimination Policy and be current CAA member

• Loans exclude general operating, land purchase or leasing; applications should focus on specific need or project directly related to agriculture production

• Loans are small (under $10,000) and short term (3 months to 2 years) with interest rate of 2.5%

• Funds from repayment of loans will go back into CAA Micro Loan fund

• CAA is happy to accept additional donations in support of this new program

Micro Loan project ideas to consider:

• Additional fencing or electric fencing

• Row covers

• Drip irrigation supplies

• Solar pump for livestock watering

• Seed cover crops for erosion control or soil health

• New spray nozzles or boom for improved application 

• Planting trees or seedlings for animal habitat or wind break

• New gate on existing head gate for improved water control

• Additional flume on existing system for better water control

For additional information and questions, contact Michele Meyer at 879-4370 or michele@communityagalliance.org

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