Moon Lake holds director nominating meetings

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Grant J. Earl, General Manager/CEO of Moon Lake Electric, reported that the cooperative recently held two district nominating meetings to receive director candidate nominations for upcoming director elections.
In District 1, incumbent director Doug Holgate is nearing the end of his last term on the board. At the nominating meeting, District 1 members nominated Tom Thacker of Upalco. In District 6, members nominated incumbent Tamara Vincent of Jensen. In addition to being nominated at a district meeting, a member can also have their name placed on the ballot by submitting a petition of 50 or more signatures of district members. The petition deadline was April 21 and no other nominations were received by the cooperative.
The cooperative bylaws state that in the event the nominating process results in only one nominee for the position of director, such nominee shall be deemed elected by the members of the district, without the necessity of an election at an annual or special meeting of the members. As a result, Tom Thacker will replace Doug Holgate on Moon Lake’s seven-member board following the June 9 annual meeting of members and Tamara Vincent will continue her service on the board.
Earl stated that directors are elected for three-year terms and meet each month to transact the business of the cooperative. At these meetings they adopt policies and approve budgets, rates, operating rules, and regulations.
All Moon Lake Electric members and their families are invited to attend the cooperative’s annual meeting of members, to be held on Thursday, June 9, at Constitution Park in Roosevelt beginning at 5 p.m.