Mother’s Day – Let’s Celebrate

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MEEKER | A year ago, I was bemoaning a Mother’s Day without family gatherings, dining out, and similar celebrations. May 2020 was still early in the days of COVID restrictions and we didn’t know what to expect or what to do.

I think many of us thought it would be short term, a few weeks or months, and we would be over it. Obviously, that is not how it turned out.

We were still in a state of shock. What? Empty shelves at the grocery? Restaurants and about everything else closed? No gatherings, even with family. The future quickly became unpredictable.

Let’s rejoice! Now, as we in Rio Blanco County move into a safer COVID zone, I encourage everyone to embrace your family traditions again, including Mother’s Day.

Don’t forget to say thanks to your Mother in some way and be grateful that she is still among us when so many people were lost this past year. I also honor all the moms and grandmas who have passed on.

Along with food, celebrating Mother’s Day can include many other choices:

  • Flowers – Who doesn’t appreciate a fresh bouquet or plant? Flowers always bring joy.
  • Gift card – for a spa, shopping, salon, dining, destinations, something she enjoys.
  • Card – Yes, actually mail a card with a personal note inside. Snail mail is so rare, it means a lot.
  • Visit – Schedule time together plus spouse and kids, give hugs, and spend time together.
  • Call or Facetime – Take time to chat and connect. Visual connections are especially great for senior moms and fun for young kids too.
  • Send a photo – Mothers never get tired of photos of their kids and grandchildren.

I am grateful for my daughter-in-law, a devoted stay at home mom who has homeschooled and protected two highly active sons. She has been creative with walks, art projects, healthy food, and entertainment to keep these kids safe and educated.

My mother is 96-years-old, lives in assisted living and is well cared for even though it is far away in Virginia. She has enjoyed more than 70 years of being a mother, now with copious grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The pandemic has put her in lock down for most of the past year, so my wish for her is a brief trip outdoors, shared meals with nearby residents, and in person visits with local family.

I also celebrate two “older“ nieces who have struggled to become pregnant and now are or will shortly become new mothers. These moms and babies really need our love and admiration who have worked so hard to bring new life to our world.

As a mom myself, I am happy to rejoice in two sons and two grandsons. I smiled from ear to ear on the days they were born, especially the arrival of healthy babies.

Mother’s Day – Let’s rejoice!

By KAYE SULLIVAN – Special to the Herald Times