MSD superintendent sets new guidelines for gifts, grants, donations

MEEKER I One of the areas identified by new Meeker School District Superintendent Chris Selle as he took up the reins of the district last month was better, consistent management of financial contributions made to the schools.

Selle said the district now has new guidelines set up with the help of staff and based on his own experiences and observations.
Selle’s new guidelines set rules for school district staff to follow regarding gifts, grants and other donations to the school district and its schools. Selle states that the guidelines are meant to better monitor, track and acknowledge such contributions.
While admitting his new guidelines are not particularly detailed, he does believe that if all such contributions are passed through a single office or computer, it will help ensure central tracking for the district, where all the relevant information will be recorded in one place.
Selle further suggests this will make the various initiatives to obtain more resources for the district’s students more efficient.
Selle is requesting the following of his district staff:
“1) Prior to applying for any grant or accepting any gift or donation, please correspond with your building principal via email. Please do not proceed with applying for the grant or accepting a gift or donation until you have received authorization from your principal in writing (via email) to do so.
“2) Once you have received authorization from your building principal, please work through the coordinator of academics (Mark Meyer) to obtain the funds. This may be as simple as copying (Meyer) on communication regarding the gifts received and the purpose of the gift. It also could involve more direct input or assistance from (Meyer) on grant applications, if needed.
“3) Please follow these guidelines no matter how large or small the gift, grant and/or donation might be.”
Selle also reports that he will be working with any outside organization, such as the Meeker Education Foundation, to align funding requests and acquisitions with needs as identified by school personnel.
Any grants, gifts or donations will be coordinated in partnership with district needs. The coordinator of academics will also record request documentation. Funds raised or given in the name of the district or any school will need to have a “sponsor” within the specific school or the district.