Network stresses involvement by all

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RANGELY — Many of Rangely’s community organizations led by boards of directors are going to be holding elections to place new members. The hospital, recreation district, fire protection district, chamber of commerce and town council will all be seeing new faces. In most cases petitions or registration must be submitted by the first week of March in order to meet election deadlines. Some of these positions have no participants and community members are vigorously encouraged to join in the process. If you have complaints, misunderstandings or even great ideas for improvements, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourselves and your inaction if you miss this opportunity.
A report on the recent Club 20 meeting was given by Peggy Rector during the Rangely Network meeting. The mineral royalties fund is said to contain roughly $86 million dollars and is awaiting distribution by competing government entities. The Federal government is leaning to giving Rio Blanco and Garfield Counties the lion’s share of these funds to mitigate local impacts but the report stated the governor’s office is wanting to place the funds in the old oil shale trust which would also include Mesa and Moffat Counties, leaving us on the short end.
All local businesses and governing districts need to stand united, develop a plan of action and document our pressing priorities in order to keep this funding where the impacts are heaviest. Keeping in contact with our county commissioners and state officials to make your views known is a great first step but also call, write or e-mail the governor’s office.