New computer system at Walbridge Wing

MEEKER I The residents at the Walbridge Wing can now bike, fly, and drive all through the new “It’s Never Too Late” adaptive computer system. The computer presents a simple and fun way to access the general public through e-mail and instant messaging to the residents of the Wing. With many residents suffering from dementia, lost independence due to decreasing strength and flexibility, isolation from loved ones, and decreasing cognitive skills, this technology bridges the gap and engages residents in exercises that keep them active. Thanks to evolving technology, families can interact with each other by scrap booking, playing cards, or going for a ride together, all with wheelchair accessibility and a touch-screen computer.
“The IN2L system is amazing. It will benefit all our residents, even those in the end stages of dementia. We are so thankful for the generous donations that made purchasing this system possible. It will definitely have a positive impact on our facility.” said Kristen Eskelson, long-term care director.
Residents can draw, play games or music, travel from their armchair, drive a car, fly a plane, or cycle down an oceanside path. They can reminisce from different time periods using news clips, photos, songs, art, movie clips and more. They can stay in touch with friends and family members by typing an e-mail, sending an audio e-mail, or sending and receiving pictures. Equipment such as a touch-screen, an adaptive keyboard (large buttons), and a wheelchair accessible work-station allow residents of different abilities to utilize this system. This system can also enhance therapy provided by restorative nursing and physical, speech and occupational therapy.
Contributions from the Freeman E. Fairfield Charitable Trust and the Anne Lloyd Crotty Charitable Fund assisted with the purchase of the adaptive computer system.