Nieslanik supports 4A

Dear Editor:

What makes Meeker so special? I’d bet many people would answer by saying: “the community.”

Meeker’s community is our greatest asset because we know each other, we help each other, and we give back. Whether it’s running into friends at the grocery store, pitching in to help a neighbor build a barn, or volunteering to coach a youth sports league, our community continues to step up for each other over and over again.

We sustain our beloved small town way of life by doing our part to make sure it continues to thrive. It’s always been this way. We have all benefited from someone investing in the Meeker community before us—not because it directly influenced their current day-to-day, but because it was their pride and obligation to give back for the future.

These investments are the means by which we produce infrastructure which ensures the continued strengthen our little town. This is how we secure our state-of-the-art hospital, our fire department, the recreation center and new elementary school. It is how we will afford to construct each of their replacements 40 or 50 years down the road.

You may not have a child or one in high school, but all of us are a part of our community and it’s now our turn to step up to the plate as so many have done before us and so many will continue to do down the road.

We need to vote yes on 4A and lock in the resources to build a new high school. Our school system is structural to our community’s health and without updating, the current building will begin to erode much more than the education of our students.

Voting yes on 4A is our opportunity to put into practice the long term support of our community, just as so many have done before us and more will do after. It is our turn to contribute our part to ensure Meeker remains the unbelievable community it’s always been.

Joe Nieslanik


Citizens for Meeker Schools