No fair weather fan here when it comes to exhibits

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MEEKER — Wasn’t the fair great? I had a really good time! I enjoyed seeing all of the exhibits.
What beautiful quilts some of you ladies created! I can only imagine how many hours you had to work to get them done. I especially like the photographic exhibits, one in particular — the young Indian dancer dressed all in white. That’s the dancer who reminded me of a butterfly.
My husband and I stayed for the 4-H livestock auction Saturday night. I so enjoyed watching the young people as they paraded their animals before the judges and the audience. There were a lot of proud expressions on their faces; I saw some sad ones, too. They all did such a great job with their animals, and I know how hard they worked the past year, getting their animals ready to go to the fair. It was amazing to me to see how easily those small kids were able to lead those giant steers around!
The number of floral exhibits was impressive this year, I thought. The wildflower arrangement that won grand champion was my favorite. I didn’t have anything in bloom to enter this year, and I’m not sure if I could have had anything good enough to compete with what I saw, anyway!
I have two corrections to make from my column of July 31. The first is that I incorrectly called Dave’s wife Betty. It should have been Bessie. I’m sorry, Bessie. I just met Dave and Bessie a couple of weeks prior to mentioning them in the column, and I don’t know that I even heard their last name, but we met at Chuckwagon. Anyway, my mind doesn’t always remember as it should, and I apologize.
Secondly, this is both a correction and an apology to First National Bank and it’s employees. I incorrectly identified their float in the parade on July 4 as the one portraying the saloon girls. Thanks to Kim Brown of FNBR for writing her letter to the editor and setting me straight. Again, I apologize for my mistake, and I stand corrected. By the way Ms. Brown, I enjoyed your float, too; the 50s era I remember very well. I was in my teens in the 50s. Loved those “Suicide” Cokes at the drive-in!
Well, gas prices have gone down a whole whoppin’ 10 cents a gallon in the past week or so, too bad they can’t go down 10 cents a gallon per day like they went up! It really upsets me that our gas prices here in Meeker are consistently 30 to 35 cents a gallon higher than the state average! We all live here together, and some of us will still be around to remember who was jacking up the prices so high, long after the oil companies have moved on. I’ve heard comments by some that we should change the name of our town to “Gouge City”! That’s a fine advertisement for our town, isn’t it? I know that not all of our businesses are gouging, and I know that some of the rise in the cost of doing business in Meeker has to be passed on to the consumer, but I also know that some of it is just plain greed.
While on the subject of gas prices, I think it would be a good thing if we all contacted our Congress persons, and demand that they get back to Washington and do the jobs they were elected to do, which is to take care of the needs of their constituents, according to the will of their constituents!
More than 70 percent of the people who were polled want Congress to allow off-coast drilling, further oil shale exploration and development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming and also in another place I can’t remember the name of. I know that all of that isn’t the total answer to our energy problems, but we have to start somewhere, or we’ll never get anywhere.
That’s all, y’all.