Obituary: Ellis E. Eliasen

Ellis E. Eliasen
June 13, 1942~Sept. 9, 2017
Ellis E. Eliasen was the sixth born child of A.B. Whitey and Mary Jean Eliasen. He was preceded in death by his parents, sister Liz, and two brothers, Earl and Elton. Mourning him, Edgar and Jan Eliasen, Elaine Webber, Enid and Dave Steffen, Ellie and Don Anding, Jenny and Ken Megahey, Jerry and Catherine, John, Sue, Zina, Ron and Sara, and Mac Richardson, tons of nephews, nieces and greats.
Ellis was happiest outdoors fishing, riding horses, riding quads, taking pictures, shooting baskets at the elementary school, or smacking rocks with a baseball bat. He was the ringleader of the sled riding or hood riding parties, where it was always “last man standing” years before it was a TV show.
He had so much patience whether he was working a horse, or riding herd on the younger brothers and sisters. He taught us how to drive, shoot guns, and by example, how to treat each other and every living thing.
Ellis was a kind, gentle, generous and patient man. The best version of a son, brother, uncle, friend you could ask for.
Ellis was one of the last great cowboys. his horses loved him as much as he loved them. He trained his horses with love and gentleness, never jerking the reins or using a quirt. He didn’t need to, his horses responded to him.
Respect was a huge part of who Ellis was. He respected people, animals and Mother Earth.
Ellis was an avid reader, passing his books around as he finished them. None of them were by female writers, and none of them were written by an author with three names.
He was so smart, probably the smartest person we’ll ever know, but he never made anyone he talked to feel stupid. He had no desire or need to grandstand or brag. He let his actions speak for him.
Ellis lived his life on his own terms. His sense of humor and joy was totally uninhibited, he chortled and laughed like a child.
Ellis was loved for himself, and he will be truly missed.