One Good Thing: What kept you going during a year like no other?

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RBC | We’ve been through enough old Heralds to know this year was a real doozy, but for our annual year in review we flipped the script and asked our readers one good thing that happened to them during 2020. Here are the responses we received.

For years I have tried to find something good that happened each day even if it is something silly like finding my misplaced pen or watching a rabbit hopping over the snow. That habit kept me going during 2020. I found that 2020 helped me to slow down and appreciate all the things I have like family, friends and living in this beautiful part of our country. It gave me time to remember life is good despite its challenges. So, find at least one good thing that happens each day and watch your attitude and life improve.

Janet Clark

One thing I learned in 2020 was gaining comfort recording piano music for church services instead of playing it live with a congregation. It takes a bit of imagination to pretend that a congregation is singing along with you in a cold, empty sanctuary. However, the process is like a recording studio so if I mess up too badly, we ditch it and start a new hymn. Like much of 2020, this wasn’t a goal I sought, but now I’m glad to have a new capability and the Methodist Church has a huge digital library of music.

Kaye Sullivan

One good thing for me has been all the walking I have done since the pandemic hit. I have made good use of the wonderful trail system so close to town. This summer I hiked to many lakes in the Flattops. I am blessed to have wonderful walking partners. It has been a way for us to safely socially interact and has been good for my emotional health and of course physical health as well.

Peggy Strate

New great-granddaughter, new great-grandniece, finished three big projects, and good health.

Kay Bivens

My mom moved in with us to help care for kids after I started a new job. It’s been a blessing to have her here as my mom, and also as a helper. I don’t know what we would have done without her!

Jess Bayles

I got to be alive for another year very thankful for that

Rose Smithey

We got a second granddaughter in October! What a blessing after thinking our limit was one.

Cathie Dolan

I survived assault from my husband.

Marcella Collins

Gained a family.

Edye Posey

My brother is able to walk again after being paralyzed.

Kathy Warren

My daughter called me.

Toni Francis

I graduated college with a B.S. at age 39.

Jackie Bean Sanchez

Special friendship.

Mike Flannery

Bought a house.

Sheryl Little-Myers

We had a great-granddaughter born in July. She is a blessing and a joy.

Twila Morris

I was able to continue my weekly workouts virtually with Maggi and lose weight in the meantime. Don’t do it alone.

Nancy Harris

Had six great-grandchildren born this year … three boys and three girls.

Mickey Tucker

I got to come to my favorite place on earth, Meeker, and camp for a week. It was calming, rejuvenating and just what I needed.

Steven Libhart


Donna Rose

I got married to an amazing man and gained an amazing family!

Laura Klinzmann

My newest nephew was born.

Eshlay Krueger

My family stayed healthy — and I now know we can live in quarantine and not kill each other.

Nikki Keetch

I opened the Mountain Muse tattoo shop this spring and I am still open now. (Open by appointment only for now.)

Vanna Jo Johnson

We had a new grandson! Feel very blessed!

Kris and Henry Arcolesse

A wonderful time to take inventory on self, life and society. It’s been time to take pause, go back to simple basics. This has been a great looking glass to see with clarity of the delusion, separation, and programming we have all allowed, and the extremes of it all. It has been a time of holding close what we value and understanding loss. On a personal level I walk away with the deepest gratitude of all that is right in life, deeper compassion, forgiveness and understanding. Even within this great time of loss and fear, 2020 has been a beautiful, harsh gift. I think we can all say we learned value, discernment, and the complex cacophony of which we all are. I hope we see where we need to heal, what we need to hold close, repair, and revise. Perhaps, basics like respect of self and others. Maybe a reminder of manners to be used at home and public. Boundaries are healthy for self and others. There is always room for more integrity. Compassion is a great gift to those who receive it and give it.

Michelle Hale

Moved to Meeker!

Dee Ann Adams

New Granddaughter!

Jody Meakins

As for our one good thing here at the HT? Well, we’re still kickin’! Community newspapers continue to vanish, and with them goes the recording of history, commitment to government transparency and countless untold stories.

While there was plenty of adversity this year, we are thankful we were able to continue to inform our citizens to the best of our ability and create a historical record for future generations to look back on (and hopefully learn from.)

A free press is an essential function enshrined in the First Amendment, and it is an immense responsibility we take very seriously. We’ll continue the Herald tradition come hell, high water, pandemics, unhappy politicians, angry people on the internet, paper shortages, postage increases, economic meltdowns, partisan division, societal upheaval, births, deaths, life events, community happenings, big stories, small stories, during the good times and the bad, just like former Heralders have done, for as long as Rio Blanco County will have us.

Thank you for supporting community journalism.

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