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MEEKER | Many in the community know what’s happening with the construction of the new high school, but what many don’t know is how the students and staff are currently feeling with everything going on.

Porter Hossack, currently a Meeker High School sophomore says he’s excited for “things to be a little more modern,” and, “not have the feeling of a school you’d see in the Back to the Future films.” When asked why, he said, “Our generation is the generation of technology, so it will make it feel like more of a learning environment.” Hossack was also surprised at how easy the transition from last year to this year was.

“The construction made it seem like it was going to make things a lot harder than last year, but surprisingly I would say it felt like year if not easier.” When asked how the construction was affecting how he goes about his day he said space was the biggest factor. “Between classes, the halls are so crowded that it is almost impossible not to run into someone, or be on time to your next class.” Overall he had good things to say about the school and seemed very excited to see the final product of the school, just as the rest of the students are.

Asked about her thoughts on what’s to come in the new school, high school secretary Mandy Etheridge sounded very optimistic. Asked specifically what she is most excited for in the new school she said it was to have space that was modern and up to date, to add a new feel to the school, as well as more bathrooms. She was also pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition from last year to this year was. “Having everything planned out was a huge help. Everyone from the staff, administration and the owners reps had everything planned out which helped everything run very smoothly.” 

A discussion with Chris Selle, Meeker School District Superintendent, gave a good idea as to where they are with construction. “They are planning on being completely done by January 2021. Staff should get moved to the south end of the building in the summer and it will be ready be the start of next school year for the students.” He was pleased to say they are currently ahead of schedule for foundations on the south end, but still have a ways to go. “Sometime during November we will start to see some structure go up for the new classrooms.”

Selle also mentioned that designs for the bus garage are coming along, saying great improvements have been made.

All in all, everyone interviewed sounded excited to see what comes of the whole project, from being able to “branch out” and seeing what new and exciting things will come to Meeker with this project complete.

Sophia Goedert

By SOPHIA GOEDERT | Special to the HT

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sophia Goedert, a junior at Meeker High School, is doing her work study at the HT. This is her first monthly column in which she’ll report on items of interest at the high school.