OPED: Let’s think positive–what CAN we do?

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MEEKER | In this scary and frustrating period of coronavirus along with all the restrictions and advisories of what we can’t do, I believe there is still a place in our hearts and lives for what we CAN do. Without ignoring the wisdom of avoiding large groups, social distancing, and washing our hands, etc., this is also a time to think positive and do good.

These are my thoughts and I am sure you have your own:

Reach out to isolated and elderly folks. They are even more alone than most of us. I will continue to call my mom who lives in a nursing home far from me. I can’t restore her beloved March Madness or her local restrictions, but I can call more often and say I care about her.

Be compassionate. Let’s think about how we each can support those in severe need. So many folks don’t have the financial security, health care, or basic living ability to survive this pandemic. Let’s figure out some ways to assist those who are really suffering. Even a small gift can go a long way.

Text/call/email friends to connect, send a hopeful message, or just reach out. We are all in this together, wherever we live, so let’s stay connected and bolster each other.

Use our “isolated” time wisely. Well, gosh, if I’m not going to public events, frankly, I have lots of purging and spring cleaning to do. I can still accomplish things I need to do even if they are never top of the to-do-list so I might as well face these chores and be productive.

Keep doing what we feel safe doing. Fortunately, Meeker is a small community and I have no fear of going to the Post Office, grocery store, or other local businesses. Let’s not lose those lifestyle practices that are the core of our community.

Adapt. This is a great time to test our daily habits and experiment with alternatives. No sports to watch on TV?  Well, perhaps there’s a different choice that will appeal or read a book or go for a walk. Who knows what we will find if we keep our minds open?

Be accepting and forgiving. Many people are stressed, worried, and tense. Try to accept these reactions to tough times. Offer a smile, hopeful thought, or way to help.

Ask for help. We live in a very caring environment, but friends, organizations, and even family may not recognize your needs if you don’t speak up.

We each have to make our own decisions. My thoughts may not reflect your situation. Still, I encourage all of us to think positive, embrace the western pioneer “can do” spirit and strongly carry forth despite the challenges we currently face.

By KAYE SULLIVAN | Special to the HT