Openings on a variety of RBC boards and panels

Interested parties are asked to apply by Jan. 23

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RBC | The Board of County Commissioners will be making annual appointments and re-appointments to at least 10 boards and other panels at their Jan. 28 meeting in Meeker. Boards that have terms now expiring include the Building Board of Appeals, Citizen Review Panel, Columbine Park Board, Council on Aging Board, Fair Board, Fairgrounds Management Board, Historical Preservation Board, Planning Commission, Rangely Cemetery District Board and Weed Management Board.

In a series of articles starting this week, the HT will review the purpose and function of each of these panels, members whose terms are expiring and whether or not those members will be seeking reappointment. The BOCC urges anyone interested in appointment to any of the upcoming vacancies to complete the county’s application form and get it back to the county by Jan. 23. This application can be obtained from Laura Smith, county human resources director, at the courthouse or online at the county website,, under “Government, Boards and Commissions.”

Building Board of Appeals

The Building Board of Appeals consists of three voting members and one alternate. The terms of one member and the alternate expire this month. The board serves as the board of review under state law to consider special requested exceptions to the terms of Rio Blanco County building codes in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the code. The group is also entitled to recommend amendments to the codes.

Qualifications for membership on the panel include being a licensed professional engineer or architect, a building contractor or superintendent of construction, or qualified by experience or training to evaluate building construction matters. The panel meets as needed.

Current Board of Appeals members are Jerry Belland, Brian Prater, Luke Renninger. David Cogswell is the alternate. Belland’s and Cogwell’s terms are expiring. Terms are for three years.

Citizens Review Panel

The Citizens Review Panel is required of the county by state child welfare law.  This panel, which meets only as needed, is intended to  provide a forum for grievances concerning any conflict in the conduct of county human services department personnel performing their duties.There are no term limits and no set number of members.

The current panel has four members: David Smith and Amy Chinn, both appointed in 2016, and John Scott and Brenda Beaudette, appointed in 2017. Qualification for panel membership include being representative of the community, having demonstrated personal or professional knowledge and experience with children, and not being an employee or agent of the state human services department or any county department. At least one member of the panel must be a parent of a minor child at the time of his or her appointment.

Columbine Park Board

The Columbine Park Board makes recommendations to the park facility director and the county commissioners in matters pertaining the operation of Columbine Park in Rangely. The board is composed of five members, each serving a three-year term. Current board members are René Harden, Diane Sizemore, Jay McLaughlin and Kerri Knight with one vacancy. The terms of Harden and Sizemore are expiring. The vacancy is for a term expiring in 2020.

The Columbine Board has been meeting every third Wednesday of the month in the evening.