Panthers race at Moffat County Invitational

Chloe Filfred ran the 2-1/2 mile course at Moffat County with a time of 26:26. Chloe Filfred photo
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RANGELY | After a busy week of Homecoming activities the Rangely cross country team was thankful that they were heading to Moffat County for their race on Saturday. They knew there was going to be some good competition from schools from Wyoming and the surrounding area. This was one of Moffat County Invitational biggest meet in years with 10 different schools represented.
The morning started off with the middle school race combining both boys and girls. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article there were no results for the race. The race was 2-1/2 miles long which is longer than most middle school races. This year the runners had to run the hill just like the high school runners do. Rangely was represented by Colton Noel, Norrah Patch, Macy Morgan and Brooke Filfred. All the runners did a good job of running the longer race and working all the way through the race. The middle school runners will have their last race next weekend when they travel to Aspen to run on Saturday.
Next on the line were the girls with Raelynn Norman and Chloe Filfred. The starting line had been moved to accommodate for more teams but there was a gate that would narrow the pack of girls quickly. The Rangely girls knew they would have to get out quickly or they would be stuck and then would have to make up ground. Norman was able to do that, she got out and then was able to settle into her pace. She was able to take 29th place with a time of 24:15, it was a little slower than what she wanted but she worked hard and was able to beat some girls that she hadn’t been able to beat yet this year. Chloe Filfred likes to hang out in the back then catch girls as she goes and that is exactly what she did this weekend. She was able to place 48th with a time of 26:26.
Patrick Scoggins and Cameron Filfred were the two boys representing the Panthers at this meet. Patrick took off quickly and settled in a nice pace and was able to take 2nd with a time of 17:36. Cameron Filfred, also found his pace and was able to place 75th with a time of 24:20
The Panthers will be traveling to Aspen next weekend to race in the Chris Severy Race.