Past Range Call Parade Grand Marshals

MEEKER I Below is a list of the previous Meeker Range Call Celebration parade grand marshals.

Wad Hinman

Walt M. Brown

DeLos Parr

George Russell

Evan “Red” Thomas

Nellie Reagle

A.B. “Whitey” Eliasen

June Graham

Maggie Cassidy

Bill Kracht

Dick Lyttle

Carroll “Jiggs” Bills

Jennie Spence

Elige and Sybil Joslin

Bud Holland

Tom Watt and Wilbur Whalin

John Barney

Arthur Amick

Anna and Dallas Collins

Delbert and Alma Pollard

John and Audrey Oldland

Sybil and John Barney

George Layton

Reuben and Norma Oldland

Pauline Sheridan and Liz Watt

Bob and Rosemary LaGrange

Jim and Bonnie Wilson

Jim and Carolyn Dodo

Frank and Lynn Cooley

Pat Johnson

Bill and Nancy Brennan

Irvin “Spec” and Josie Clapper

Dean and Artie Parr

Joe and Donna Collins

Doris and Bryce Purkey

Cleo Jordan, Helen Seely, Gerald,
Bob and Margie Wilbur

Roy McKee, Clarence Johnson, Nettie Faye Modlin and Martin Villa

Orville LaBorde, Ernie Garcia, Frank Cooley, Bill Crawford and Carl Sorensen

Tom, Ruth and Denise Pearce, Gerald and Twila Morris

Mary Hossack, Dave Prather and Iola Hicken

Bus and Mary Norell, Bud and Dee Norell

“Fuzz” and Roberta Cook, Jim and Patty Cook

David and Enid Steffen