Patriotism, does it matter?

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Patriotism is something we should know the meaning of, whether or not we consider ourselves patriots. It does matter and it should matter to you and your country.
Respect is one of the biggest parts of being a patriot. Under this falls the importance of taking your hat off and participating in the pledge and national anthem. Doing the pledge is giving a vow and reaffirmation to your country that you are proud to be in.
Another part of being a patriot is shaking hands of the veterans or the men and women who fought for our freedom. Sending care packages is appreciated and acknowledged. Our lifestyle depends on the special people that protect, fight and put themselves in harm’s way just for us and their country. Veterans couldn’t always get along though without the support of friends, family, care packages and patriotic people who help them out. Troops do matter, without them we might not be free. Documents like the Declaration of Independence might not exist and not all people would be equal. That then poses another question. Do you agree with these documents and our modern lifestyles? Do you trust or have faith in your country, government, and its protectors?
It is an honor to be an American, so we should all respect that. Parents and teachers teach the pledge and their beliefs to you when you are younger, but they cannot force you to do patriotic things you don’t agree with or understand. Patriotism is something you have to decide for yourself. Patriotism means different things to people because we all have different views and actions that affect our country. Supporting each other and our troops may influence more respect to our national symbols.
Having patriotism is what stabilizes our country, builds our protective walls and keeps us strong with our beliefs. When you wake up, think, am I proud to be an American. Truly patriotism still matters to our civilization and to us as Americans because it was the basis that founded our county to begin with.