Patriotism still matters

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To some people, patriotism is a big deal. To some, it means nothing.
Many people are asking, does patriotism still matter? Nowadays people don’t even know the true definition of patriotism. This country was built by patriots like John Hancock, Sam and John Adams and Betsy Ross. Without them what would this country be? Would we still be free? Who would fight for our country and freedom if they didn’t feel love and respect for our country? The definition of a patriot is to love and be loyal to one’s country. Patriotism is huge in our family. It stands for our rights, our freedom and the loyalty we have for our country.
Today, some people don’t even know the national anthem. If you go to a public place and the national anthem is sung, you see people stand up. I sometimes wonder if these people are standing up to be loyal to their country or just stand up not to feel left out. People talk, walk around and even refuse to stand up for the national anthem. Now, few schools still teach the Pledge of Allegiance. Some don’t even have a flag pole to hang the flag. When visiting other schools, some may find that there isn’t an American flag anywhere except possibly taped to a wall. What about the people who are dying overseas? Don’t they deserve the slightest amount of respect? Some say veterans deserve no more respect than anyone else. Did anyone else miss big family moments for years to fight, while a veteran was? Did someone else give their lives just to protect ours? People are dying and fighting for our freedom and most are complete strangers. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” Well, people are dying for something and getting no respect. Does that mean you are a patriot? To not respect those who have fought for you and this country?
I believe patriotism does still matter, but we need people who aren’t afraid to respect heroes.