Personnel concerns topic of BOCC executive session

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RBC | The Rio Blanco Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) called a special meeting Wednesday, Jan. 3, specifically to hear personnel-related concerns in an executive session. Commissioners Si Woodruff and Jeff Rector were in attendance, as well as outgoing Board Chair
Shawn Bolton.
As the meeting began, road and bridge employee Gregg Chavez, now of Rangely, was introduced and given the opportunity, as is required by state law, to have his grievances heard publicly or in executive session with only the commissioners and their attorney present. Chavez opted to waive his right to an executive session and have his discussion with the BOCC be open to any county personnel present and the public.
Chavez reviewed a number of employee management concerns involving the use of overtime versus vacation hours, discrimination on the job, and the application of seniority rights on “call-outs” for extra hours work as well as in selection for promotions. Regarding the overtime, vacation hours use and break-time concerns, he was backed up by seasonal road and bridge employee LaDonna Shroyer. Road and Bridge Department Director Dave Morlan and Human Resources Director Laura Smith were in attendance and participated in some of the discussion.
The commission felt it did not completely understand the circumstances and details of some of Chavez’s concerns. They closed the discussion assigning both Morlan and Smith to review the complaints and the specific circumstances, and to return with more information and potential resolution at their next meeting. Chavez was asked to be part of this as well.