Please control your pets

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MEEKER I Summer is here and people are out walking and running and taking advantage of the warm weather. It is extremely important to understand the town ordinance on pets to ensure safety for everyone.
There is a leash law in Meeker. Pets must be on a leash or in some sort of confinement within town limits. Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets in the confined area, or near their residence not roaming in their absence and on a leash or within voice command if the dog is so trained.
Pet owners are simply asked to be respectful of people out exercising. There have been some community members that have encountered aggressive dogs recently and carry pepper spray for safety. If a dog is found unconfined and with no owner nearby, they will be picked up by animal control. There is a fine to get your pet back.
Certainly the easiest solution is to be responsible pet owners and respect the concept of public space used by all. Please pick up after your pets, especially in the new park areas, and be aware of your pet’s whereabouts at all times.