PMC gets high marks for care

pmc-logo1c1108smallMEEKER I A recent survey conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, Salt Lake City, gives Pioneers Medical Center high marks for patient care.
The survey results showed 80 percent of respondents believe PMC has adequate to very adequate healthcare services. The hospital received high marks for providing quick treatment, quality care, using modern equipment, and PMC’s concern for the community’s health.
Seventy-nine percent of respondents reported their primary care provider is located in Meeker. Respondents do seek care outside the area for specialty doctors, OB-GYN and pediatrics or other services not available locally.
PMC received lower ratings for its registration and billing processes.
“We were not surprised by these results,” said Bob Omer, PMC chief executive officer. “In the past few months we have made changes to both billing and registration. We realize there are still improvements that need to be made, and are implementing other initiatives to achieve our goal of accurate and timely billing.”
PMC has begun construction in the lobby area for the Meeker Family Health Center and the business office to offer more patient privacy, and to improve patient check-in and check-out services.
“Pioneers Medical Center is proud of the quality care we offer. We do recognize that the rising cost of healthcare is a concern for everyone and PMC is taking steps wherever we can to contain those costs for our patients,” Omer said.
When asked, “What are some of the improvements you would like to see at PMC?” respondents’ answers ranged from improving billing to offering more specialty physicians including, general surgeon, pediatrician, OB-GYN and additional cardiologist services, among others.
“We continue to recruit visiting specialists and surgeons to offer regular clinic days at PMC,” Omer said.
The telephone survey of 303 area residents was conducted in late August. For more information about the survey, contact Margie Joy, development manager, at 878-9317.