Police Blotter: May 14-20

Law enforcement ativity for May 14-May 20, 2010, included:
CSP-Colorado State Patrol
RBSO-Rio Blanco County Sheriff
MPD-Meeker Police Department
MVFR-Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue
RAMB-Rangely Ambulance
RPD-Rangely Police Department

RPD did not submit blotter information for this week.

Friday, May 14
MPD-2:08 a.m.-Assist RBSO at 345 Cleveland St., Meeker
MPD-6:45 a.m.-Suspicious incident at 900 Seventh St., Meeker
MPD-7:36 a.m.-Assist RBSO at 550 School St., Meeker
RBSO-8:49 a.m.-Assist RPD at 110 S. White Ave., Rangely
RBSO-1:14 p.m.-Fraud at 512 W. Rodeo Rd., Rangely
RBSO-1:22 p.m.-Fraud at 24001 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-1:58 p.m.-Animal call at 700 Third St., Meeker
RBSO-2:53 p.m.-Assist MVFR at 71735 Hwy 64, Meeker
MPD-3:40 p.m.-Animal call at 700 Sulphur Creek Rd., Meeker
MPD-5:04 p.m.-Narcotics at 1291 Park Ave., Meeker
RBSO-5:37 p.m.-Motorist assist at 39868 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-6:31 p.m.-Animal call at 601 County Rd. 4, Meeker
MPD-8:15 p.m.-Disturbance at 101 Ute Dr., Meeker
MPD-8:31 p.m.-Narcotics at 44000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-9:00 p.m.-Motorist assist at 66500 Hwy 139, Rangely
MPD-10:19 p.m.-Narcotics at 100 Fifth St., Meeker
MPD-10:33 p.m.-Suspicious incident at 100 Fourth St., Meeker
Traffic Stops: 19 total. RBSO: 12; MPD: 7.

Saturday, May 15
MPD-12:08 a.m.-Suspicious incident at 100 Fifth St., Meeker
RBSO-12:50 a.m.-Motorist assist at 32000 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-6:38 a.m.-911 hang-up call from 875 Water St., Meeker
RBSO-8:01 a.m.-Assist RPD at 502 County R. 108, Rangely
RBSO-9:00 a.m.-Suspicious incident at 8712 County Rd. 5, Meeker
MPD-10:18 a.m.-Harassment at 1351 Sage Ridge Rd., Meeker
MPD-11:15 a.m.-Juvenile problem at 111 Third St., Meeker
MPD-12:34 p.m.-Animal call at 1376 Juniper Rd., Meeker
MPD-2:23 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 1347 Sage Ridge Rd., Meeker
RBSO-2:51 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 6200 County Rd. 27, Rangely
RBSO-3:38 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 6094 County Rd. 27, Meeker
RBSO-5:35 p.m.-Accident with property damage at 36000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-6:07 p.m.-Assist CSP at 38500 Hwy 64, Rangely
RBSO-6:31 p.m.-Animal call at 43644 Hwy 139, Rangely
RBSO-7:17 p.m.-Animal call at 20500 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-9:28 p.m.-Animal call at 7000 Hwy 64, Rangely
RBSO-10:11 p.m.-Assist other agencies at Blue Mountain Village RV Park, Rangely
RBSO-11:52 p.m.-Disturbance at 250 County Rd. 37, Meeker
MPD-11:59 p.m.-Assist RBSO at 250 County Rd. 37, Meeker
Traffic stops: 17 total. RBSO: 10; MPD: 7.

Sunday, May 16
MPD-1:06 a.m.-Disturbance at 908 Market St., Meeker
RBSO-7:54 a.m.-Assist other agencies at 5000 County Rd. 143, Meeker
MPD-9:08 a.m.-Criminal mischief at 891 Third St., Meeker
RBSO-11:16 a.m.-Animal call at 15000 County Rd. 116, Rangely
MPD-11:53 a.m.-Animal call at 11 E. Main St., Meeker
MPD/MVFR-12:53 p.m.-Ambulance call at 875 Water St., Meeker
RBSO-2:18 p.m.-Narcotics at 47500 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-2:27 p.m.-Assist RBSO at 47500 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-2:29 p.m.-Sexual assault at 4425 County Rd. 6, Meeker
MPD-3:31 p.m.-Weapons case at 1020 Hill St., Meeker
MPD-5:34 p.m.-Assist RBSO at 345 Cleveland St., Meeker
MPD-8:11 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 100 Sulphur Creek Rd., Meeker
MPD-9:03 p.m.-Property case at 212 Garfield St., Meeker
RBSO-11:55 p.m.-Motorist assist at 27000 County Rd. 8, Meeker
Traffic stops: 6 total. RBSO: 4; MPD: 2.

Monday, May 17
RBSO-6:30 a.m.-Animal call at 25000 County Rd. 5, Meeker
RBSO-6:47 a.m.-Animal call at 18000 County Rd. 5, Meeker
RBSO-8:23 a.m.-Narcotics at 21500 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-9:52 a.m.-Disturbance at 980 Karen Court, Meeker
RBSO-10:03 a.m.-Accident with property damage at 56000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-11:07 a.m.-Trespass at 13000 County Rd. 2, Rangely
MPD-11:12 a.m.-VIN inspection at 125 Fifth St., Meeker
RBSO-12:23 p.m.-Suspicious incident at 3770 County Rd. 2, Rangely
RBSO-1:15 p.m.-Animal call at 4409 County Rd. 28, Rangely
MPD-2:58 p.m.-Assist RBSO at 1100 Cleveland St., Meeker
RBSO-3:22 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 3000 County Rd. 27, Rangely
RBSO-4:08 p.m.-Traffic arrest at 100 County Rd. 11, Meeker
MPD-4:16 p.m.-Assist RBSO at 100 County Rd. 11, Meeker
RBSO-5:32 p.m.-Animal call at 73000 Hwy 64, Meeker
MPD-6:17 p.m.-Suspicious incident at Fourth St. and Garfield St., Meeker
MPD-8:20 p.m.-Animal call at 986 Karen Court, Meeker
RBSO-9:47 p.m.-Animal call at 5000 County Rd. 4, Meeker
MPD-11:54 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 550 School St., Meeker
Traffic stops: 10 total. RBSO: 7; MPD: 3.

Tuesday, May 18
MPD/MVFR-7:05 a.m.-Ambulance call at 101 Ute Dr., Meeker
RBSO-12:09 p.m.-Animal call at County Rd. 79 and County Rd. 4, Meeker
RBSO-1:22 p.m.-Assist CSP at 28000 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-2:25 p.m.-Narcotics at 555 Main St., Meeker
RBSO-3:15 p.m.-Citizen assist at 960 County Rd. 12, Meeker
MPD-3:19 p.m.-Suspicious incident at 550 Bob Tucker Dr., Meeker
RBSO-3:24 p.m.-VIN inspection at 2302 County Rd. 33, Meeker
RBSO-3:43 p.m.-Assist other agencies at 2373 County Rd. 39, Meeker
MPD-4:09 p.m.-Motorist assist at 25 Seventh St., Meeker
MPD-4:54 p.m.-Juvenile problem at 986 Karen Court, Meeker
MPD-5:46 p.m.-Accident with property damage at 800 Park Ave., Meeker
MPD-6:14 p.m.-VIN inspection at 125 Fifth St., Meeker
Traffic stops: 7 total. RBSO: 6; MPD: 1.

Wednesday, May 19
RBSO/RAMB-9:23 a.m.-Ambulance call at 3607 County Rd. 65, Rangely
RBSO-11:14 a.m.-VIN inspection at 40299 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-11:40 a.m.-Suspicious incident at 63000 Hwy 139, Rangely
MPD-2:40 p.m.-Assist RBSO at Market St. and Main St., Meeker
MPD-2:43 p.m.-VIN inspection at 945 Market St., Meeker
MPD-3:10 p.m.-Animal call at 1057 Hill St., Meeker
RBSO-3:18 p.m.-Animal call at 73100 Hwy 64, Meeker
RBSO-7:32 p.m.-Animal call at 100 County Rd. 15, Meeker
Traffic stops: 6 total. RBSO: 6.

Thursday, May 20
RBSO-7:23 a.m.-Traffic complaint at 52000 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-7:55 a.m.-Civil situation at 721 E. Market St., Meeker
RBSO-1:49 p.m.-Animal call at County Rd. 24 and County Rd. 24X, Meeker
RBSO-9:26 p.m.-Assist CSP at 17000 Hwy 13, Meeker
Traffic stops: 7 total. RBSO: 6; MPD: 1.