Positive news for Rangely projects

RANGELY | The Rangely Board of Trustees meeting on June 14, 2022, was short with positive news for projects in process.

Trustee Tim Webber shared positive feedback from the Live Action Role Play (LARP) event at the Rangely Camper Park. The group patronized many businesses and said it was the most welcome they had felt in a community. Trustee Kyle Wren shared an update on EPIC, (Executives Partnering to Invest in Childcare) grant application. The grant for childcare is an extensive project application that will include stakeholders, the college, and the town to organize logistics and funding. The community would need to match a percentage to match that was near $500,000. Childcare accessibility is a top concern for the community, and Wren was hopeful that this project could move forward in future application rounds.

Town Manager Lisa Piering acknowledged Flag Day with the update that the town decided not to hang flags out to protect them because of the wind causing them to wrap around the poles. They will be flying for the Fourth of July. Town employees met with the rally car event organizers to firm up details of the event that will take place the week of July 18-23, 2022. There is hope that the Vintage Car Race may want to hold its event in Rangely as it is no longer held in Steamboat Springs. Piering and Jocelyn Mullen met with Meeker Town Manager Mandi Etheridge to discuss river studies and co-community events. Piering also shared several upcoming meetings that she will attend, including the Keystone Policy Center, to discuss housing and childcare.

The Board of Trustees discussed and approved the action to write-off uncollectable utility billing accounts closed from 2015-2020 in the amount of $16,548.82; these will be sent to collections for further attempts of third-party receivables. The town has made many attempts to make contact on the accounts. The Board also approved the May 2022 check register.

Club 20 will hold their Summer Policy Meetings in Rangely July 28-29, 2022.

The Freedom March to honor veterans, law enforcement and first responders will occur on June 23 at 6 p.m. The parade will begin at Hefley Park and proceed to Elks Park.

McKenzie Webber and Jeannie Caldwell have created a side project: a podcast called “Two Girls, One Small Town” that airs every Wednesday with a guest speaker to discuss all things Rangely.

By KATIE KING | Special to The Herald Times

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