Questar receives tax abatement

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RBC — County commissioners approved a reduction Monday of more than $8,000 in the tax assessment on pipeline for Questar Gas Management.
“We had more miles of pipe than what was truly there,” said County Assessor Renae Neilson. “The only way to make a correction, once it has gone to the tax notice stage, is to do an abatement.
“It was an error on our part, in a way,” Neilson told commissioners. “Not that we did something wrong, but we didn’t have the correct information (from the county contractor). We came up with more footage than the maps really showed. So, that’s why I recommend we correct it.”
The abatement — in the amount of $8,415.64 — changed the original tax assessment from $30,633.28 to the amended amount of $22,217.64.
The abatement, because it is more than $1,000, will have to be approved by the state of Colorado.
“It doesn’t mean RBC government loses all $8,400,” Neilson said. “Everybody loses a piece of it. All of the taxing entities are affected.”