Rabies clinic called a success

RANGELY — On April 25, the weather was in favor of the animals and their handlers as the wind and rain held off until the last animal went through.
rabiesMore than 110 animals were there for either shots, microchips or city license. There were drawings for prizes and gifts. Veterinarian Doug Murphy did the drawings.
Arlene Estes, a Meeker groomer, offered free toenail clipping during the clinic and gave one free animal grooming for her drawing. The winner was Jeanette Justus.
Agape Mobile Grooming from Grand Junction offered free grooming demonstrations during the clinic and gave two free animal groomings for their drawing. The winners were Robert Oldaker and Paula Davis.
The annual bake sale was held again with many goodies being offered, thanks to all the donations. The table was bare when the clinic was over. The donation jar for the homeless animals was well received and appreciated.
There were a couple of booths set up inside. Although there were not as many as hoped for, we thank those who did come and we look forward to more next year.
A big thank you goes out to each individual who gave of themselves to make this a successful clinic. It takes everyone to “get’r done!” A special thanks to the fire department for giving us the use of their facility and veterinarian Doug Murphy and his wife for bringing Countryside Clinic to us.
During the last five years there have been less Parvo and infectious diseases within our town. You, our pet owners, getting your animals inoculated, have brought this about. So, remember, standing in line waiting your turn at the rabies clinic or waiting at the shelter for the vet on Wednesdays is not in vain.