Ranch Rodeo adds event to competition

MEEKER I This year, the Range Call Ranch Rodeo is going to be a little different.
The event will be a combined ranch rodeo and a local penning/branding. There will be a limit of 15 ranch rodeo teams and 10 local penning/branding teams. Each combined team will consist of a four-person ranch rodeo team and a five-person local team, with two members being either both youth, or a youth and a female. The local team members can compete on the ranch rodeo team as well.
The ranch rodeo competition includes a total of four events: 1) calf branding; 2) penning; 3) wild cow milking; and 4) tie-down steer roping. There will be a five-minute time limit, the fastest team being the leader. The local teams will compete in two additional events consisting of a penning and branding competition. The penning will be the traditional three head penning. The branding will be a two-minute timed event, with the team branding the most calves in that timeframe being the leader. These two events will use the five full-member team. The time for the ranch rodeo and the times for the local events will be combined to crown the champion combined team. However, payout for the ranch rodeo and the local competition will be separate, with money added to both. Prizes will be given to the top three combined teams. Final rules will be available at the competition.
Entry fees will be $240 for a ranch rodeo team and $60 for a local team. Entries and a ranch rodeo demonstration will be held at the RBC Fairgrounds June 24 at 7 p.m. The Range Call Ranch Rodeo is sponsored by Mountain Valley Bank and will be at 1 p.m. Sunday, July 4, with the calcutta at noon. If you have questions, contact Bruce Clatterbaugh at (970) 260-6728 or
Chris Colflesh at (970) 756-2140.