Ranch Rodeo winners named

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RANGELY — The winners for the Septemberfest ranch rodeo includes:

Hide Race
1. Lance Pauker and Lexi Bell   
2. Hank Allred and Ethan Allred   
3. Terry Miller and Coulen
 Calf Scramble
1. Landon Wardell
2. Ethan Allred   
3. Lexi Bell
4. Jake Smith
5. James Rogers
Rescue Race
1. Wade Allred and Rylee Allred
2. Landon Wardell and Colt Allred
3. Lenny Klinglesmith and Loriann Klinglesmith
Cowboy Steeple Race
1. Wade Allred
2. Jim Rogers
Relay Race
1. Hank Allred, Wade Allred, Colt Allred
2. Sueann Anderson, Layne Wardell, Landon Wardell
 Ranch Rodeo Winners
1st Place — Buddy Pakuer, Lenny Klinglesmith, Lance Pakuer, Ryan Vroman
2nd Place — Buddy Pakuer, Lenny Klinglesmith, Terry Miller, Ryan Vroman
3rd Place — Wade Allred, Hank Allred, Lowell Klinglesmith, Bruce Clatterbaugh
Organizers would like to give a special thanks to Bob Kissling and Crandel Mergelman for being the judges, to Jimmie Mergelman and Debbie Smith for all their help with the paper work, to Les Mergelman for being our announcer and to the CNCC Horse Club for all of its hard work in preparing the arena for the two-day event.