Rangely 4-H held its annual achievement night last week, presenting awards, certificates and checks to participants and leaders. COURTESY PHOTO

Rangely 4-H held its annual achievement night last week, presenting awards, certificates and checks to participants and leaders. The complete list of award winners is available on the HT website.


4-H Foundation Board Members: Daniel Lapp, Roxie Fromang, Marcia Allred, Kathy Collins, Iris Franklin, Kelly Scott, Ann Marie Scritchfield, Peggy Griffin, JH Sheridan, Dani Theos and Billy Goedert
Rio Blanco County Fair Board Members: Ed Coryell. Adair Norman, Mike Lopez, Karen Arnold, Alex Plumb, Cindy Garner, Daniel Lapp, Rodney Storey, Ty Gates and Quentin Smith
2018 Council Members: President Riley Boydstun, Vice President Kacie Lapp, Secretary Shauna Lapp, Treasurer Del Garner, Reporter/Historian Corbin Lucero, Activity Director AJ Garner, Asst. Activity Director Trey Lewis, Pledge Leader Tyson Lewis
4-H Council Advisors: Jamie Preciado, Heather Hall
Cloverbuds: Harley Auerbach, Corbin Gibson, Ian Guzman, Brielle Lucero, Dixie Hall
Graduating Cloverbuds: Harley Auerbach, Dixie Hall, Brielle Lucero
Meritorious Service Award: Bill Ekstrom
2018 Rangely Friend of 4-H: Jeff Rector
2018 Rangely Parent of the Year: Sarah Wagner
2018 Rangely Leader of the Year: Melissa Dembowski
Junior Leaders: Del Garner, AJ Garner, Shauna Lapp,
Leader Certificates and Pins:
First year Leader: Emily Honeyman
Third Year Leader: Crandal Mergelman
Fourth year through Ninth Year Leaders
Chris Hall – 5yrs, Nick Manchester – 5yrs, Terry Wygant – 5yrs, Heather Hall – 6yrs, Cindy Garner – 7yrs, Rich Garner – 7yrs, Deserai Lapp – 8yrs, Anne Urie – 9yrs,
10 years and more group
Daniel Lapp – 10yrs, Kenneth Myers – 10yrs, Tamara Dorris – 14 yrs
Community Pride Events
Rangely Troubled Trappers: The Troubled Trappers helped their community this year
by sanding, staining & delivering new benches to the Elks Trap Club.
Rangely Horse Club: This year the Horse Club cleaned up trash at the Columbine Park
Gone Fishing: Our newest club “Gone Fishing” served our community this 4-H year by
picking up trash at Kenney Reservoir.
Rangely Rimfires: The Rangely Rimfires made their community service project picking
up shells at the CNCC Gun Range.
Rangely Council: This year the Rangely Council had multiple community service pro-
jects: They Put up Christmas Lights at the Radino Center; Picked up Trash on Hwy 13;
Picked Weeds and planted seeds in the Radino Garden; Helped with the Children’s
Health Fair; Ran a STEM booth at Rangely’s Hogwarts and Filled Easter Eggs for the Elks Club Easter Hunt.
Clubs who reported to the office as having 100 percent completion for the past year are: Chipigitt Livestock Club, Gone Fishing Club, Panther Country Community Club, Makin’ Bacon Swine Club, Rimfires .22 Rifle Club, Western Rio Blanco Livestock Club
Clubs with 75 percent completion are: Horse Club, Troubled Trappers
First Year Members: Adeline Hill, Aubrianna Tapia, Caleb Shriver, Chance Allred, Cutler Mergelman, Paola Munoz, Steven Raley
Second Year Members: Cameron Preciado, Cash Leischer-Froman, Clay Allred, Emma Winder, Jasmine Preciado, Kacey Allred, Xavier Preciado
Third Year Members: Braydin Raley, Dalton Dembowski, Fisher Winder, Lexi LeBleu, Trey Lewis
Fourth Year Members: Anna Forbes, Carmella Fortunato, Drake Miller, Elena Forbes, Justin Rusher, Kasen LeBleu, Keven Wren, Rylee Wagner
Fifth Year Members: Dusty Hall, Jade Miller, Kadence Wagner, Ryann Mergelman
Sixth year Members: Angelina Fortunato, MacKenzie Manchester
Seventh Year Members: Braxton Hall, Justin Allred, Kacie Lapp, Keihlin Myers, Shauna Lapp, Teijah Hall
Eighth Year Members: Kassidee Brown, Kastyn Dembowski, Paityn Myers, Riley Boydstun, Rylee Allred
Ninth Year Members: Andrew Dorris, Anthony Dorris, AJ Garner, Corbin Lucero, Del Garner, Tristan Hall
Ten year and more members: Katelyn Brown – 10yrs, Kaylalle Fortunato – 13yrs
Completion Checks: AJ Garner, Andrew Dorris, Anna Forbes, Anthony Dorris, Caleb Shriver, Cash Leischer-Fromang, Dalton Dembowski, Del Garner, Elena Forbes, Justin Rusher, Keihlin Myers, MacKenzie Manchester, Paityn Myers, Riley Boydstun, Trey Lewis, Tristan Hall, Tyson Lewis

General Project Outstanding Exhibitor (Junior) Cash Leischer Fromang – Fishing Project
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor (Senior) Keihlin Myers – Shooting Sports Project
4-H Foundation Awards
Rangely Outstanding Junior Member – Cameron Preciado Rangely Outstanding Inter. Member – Ryann Mergelman
Rangely Outstanding Senior Member – n/a
Shooting Sports
Shooting Sports – .22
Junior Grand Stand Alone – Caleb Shriver
Intermediate Grand Stand Alone – MacKenzie Manchester
Senior Grand Stand Alone – Elena Forbes
Shooting Sports – Shotgun
Senior Grand Display Board – Paityn Myers
Intermediate Grand Stand Alone & Best of Show – Keihlin Myers
Shooting Sports – Archery
Intermediate Grand Display Board- Anthony Dorris
Senior Grand Display Board – Riley Boydstun
Sport fishing
Junior Grand Stand Alone – Cash Leischer-Fromang

Wool Grower Awards
Senior Supreme Lamb Award Reserve—Kacie Lapp
Junior Supreme Lamb Award Champion—Ryann Mergelman
Junior Supreme Lamb Award Reserve—Rylee Wagner
Junior Supreme Lamb Award 3rd Place—Braydin Raley
Senior Lamb Breeder Award Champion—Kacie Lapp
Junior Lamb Breeders Award Champion—Ryann Mergelman
Junior Lamb Breeders Award Reserve—Rylee Wagner
Junior Lamb Breeders Award 3rd Place—Braydin Raley
Junior Supreme Goat Award 3rd Place—Kadence Wagner
Junior Breeders Goat Award 3rd Place—Kadence Wagner

Ultrasound Results:
Swine: 3- Kacey Allred
Sheep: 3- Kacie Lapp
Goats: 3- Kastyn Dembowski

State Fair Qualifiers:
Anthony Dorris
Cash Leischer-Fromang
Elena Forbes
Keihlin Myers
MacKenzie Manchester
Paityn Myers
Riley Boydstun

State Fair Competitors:
Riley Boydstun
Ryann Mergelman
Record Book Winners:
Junior Breeding Goat Reserve Champion – Cutler Mergelman
Intermediate Breeding Goat Reserve Champion – Kadence Wagner
Junior Goat Reserve Champion – Clay Allred
Intermediate Breeding Sheep Reserve Champion – Ryann Mergleman
Junior Sheep Reserve Champion – Cameron Preciado
Intermediate Sheep Reserve Champion – Anthony Dorris
Junior Swine Reserve Champion – Chance Allred
Intermediate Swine Reserve Champion – Justin Allred
Senior Swine Reserve Champion – Kacie Lapp

Junior Goat Grand Champion – Chance Allred
Intermediate Goat Grand Champion – Justin Allred
Intermediate Breeding Sheep Grand Champion – Rylee Wagner
Junior Swine Grand Champion – Emma Winder
Intermediate Swine Grand Champion – Rylee Wagner
Senior Swine Grand Champion – Kaylalle Fortunato

2018-2019 Rangely 4-H Council Members
President: Kacie Lapp
Vice President: Corbin Lucero
Secretary: Teijah Hall
Treasurer: Shauna Lapp
Historian: Tyson Lewis
Pledge Leader: Trey Lewis
Activities Leader: Caleb Shriver
Activities Assistant: Cameron Preciado Senators: Kacie Lapp & Corbin Lucero