Rangely 4-H planning special events

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RANGELY I On Oct. 23 at the Western Annex Building in Rangely, a group of 4-H members and parents gathered to establish the ground floor of special events planning for the area.
Ten kids and four adults were present to discuss committees, upcoming events and a trip to Arizona Nationals to compete in a judging contest and Skillathon. Some of the other events they would like to participate in are: agricultural sales, illustrated speech, a photography contest, quiz bowls, etc.

On Nov. 15, posters created on Nov. 6 will be mailed in bulk to Arizona Nationals to compete for wall space and money prizes. If you do a search on the Arizona National Livestock Show website, you can find the rules for the poster contest under “Contests.”
Elections were held for special events president, vice president, secretary/ treasurer and reporter.
Kaylee Mecham is president, Alana Wiley is vice president, Alexis Wiley is secretary/treasurer and Cia Buxton is reporter. Chairmen for the various committees are Buxton (round-robin training) and A.J. Garner and Corbin Lucero are co-chairs for the Skillathon contest and awards.
There will be open 4H training sessions for members wanting assistance in livestock selection before it is the season to begin selecting projects; the first is Nov. 13. Each date will be split into swine, beef, goat/sheep with wool judging on the night that Kaylee Meacham will be teaching on note taking and oral reasons. Interested members should watch for posters with dates and times.
A Skillathon training will be held Dec.18 with a guest coming to review nutrition, meat cuts, feed stuff, hay evaluation and other information crucial to raising good livestock. Before this meeting, an evening trip will be taken to Vernal to go through a large meat counter and to attend a movie and supper.
The kids talked about the Hereford Jr. Nationals Trip in the summer and some rules for participating with this group of young livestock leaders who want to help other 4H members. At this time, there are 11 kids in committee and it is closed for the time being.
EnCana Oil and Gas also made a generous donation to 4H activities being planned by special events.
If there are any questions or suggestions for possible clinics in the future, please talk with any member of the officer team.
You may also contact Jayda in the office at 878-9495 or call Bonnie Long at 620-0697. They will do what they can to help.