Rangely board approves draft budget

RANGELY | Draft Budget Approval

The board approved a 2019 draft budget. The final budget will likely be approved near the end of the year. In draft form general fund revenues are anticipated to be down by approximately $56,000 as compared to 2018 while general fund expenses are anticipated to rise from an estimated $2.9 million in 2018 to $3.36 in the new year. The expected loss in revenue primarily sits in decreased utilities.

Town Manager Update

Interim Town Manager Lisa Piering told the board that the Rangely Police Department has not received any applications for the two open officer positions. The town is exploring a variety of ways to attract officers and is in contact with the police academy in Grand Junction.

Town Takes Ownership of Residential Unit

The board agreed to take ownership of a single unit of the Sagewood duplex in lieu of pursuing a $120,000 payment from Synergy Builders LLC. The initial agreement with Synergy dates back to June 2012 when the town provided a loan to Synergy to construct the housing units. Synergy has failed to make their loan payment to the town and offered ownership of the unit instead. The town intends to rent the unit for the next few years and use the funds for RDA grants. The town will continue to manage the other six units for next three years.

The RDA board had previously expressed some concerns about the town participating in the local housing rental market but agreed in hopes that the rental would be short term with the goal of selling the property when the housing market is better.


By Jen Hill | jen@theheraldtimes.com