Rangely celebrates year’s 4-H achievements

These are all the 4-H kids recognized and honored at the dinner where delicious brisket was provided by county agent Bill Ekstrom supplemented by many fine potluck dishes provided by families. Back row: Corbin Lucero, Anna Forbes, Elena Forbes, ​Kacie Lapp, Kadence Wagner, Drake Miller, Shauna Lapp, Kehlin Myers, Riley Boydstun. ​Second row: ​Kasen LeBleu, Paityn Myers, Jade Miller, Tyson Lewis, Justin Allred, Lexi LeBleu, Emma Winder, Rylee Wagner, Samantha Lapp. Front row: Cash Leischer, Trey Lewis, Cameron Preciado, Savannah Taylor, Dechlin Taylor, Jessa Taylor, Kastyn Dembowski, Ryann Mergelman, Clay Allred, Fischer Winder, Olivia Wagner, Braydin Raley. courtesy photo
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RANGELY | Rangely 4-H members, families, officials and aficionados gathered in the Colorado Room at CNCC’s Weiss Building to celebrate the year’s achievements and honor their leaders, volunteers and donors November 13. County CSU extension agent Bill Ekstrom provided, from Brothers Custom Processing in Craig, what was described as delicious brisket accompanied by many dishes and desserts brought by family and friends.
Rangely 4-H Council officers Samantha Lapp, Riley Boydstun, Kacie Lapp, historians Shauna Lapp and Corbin Lucero, took turns announcing recognitions. They thanked the Rio Blanco County commissioners and then registered their appreciation for the county 4-H Foundation board members: Daniel Lapp, Tracy Hays, Kathy Collins, Barb Vaughn, JH Sheridan, Iris Franklin, Ann Marie Scritchfield, Peggy Griffin, Dani Theos and Billy Goedert.
Next, they thanked the RBC fair board members: Ed Coryell, Adair Norman, Mike Lopez, Karen Arnold, Alex Plumb, Cindy Garner, Daniel Lapp, Rodney Storey, Ty Gates, Quentin Smith, and Janelle Urista. And then they recognized the hard work of all the CSU extension county office staff including Bill Ekstrom, Tera Shults, Susan Scott, Inge Bair and Jayda Lewis. Bill Jordan and Boyd Richardson were tagged for their outstanding care and always doing the most to accommodate 4-H club meetings and innumerable events at the fairgrounds.
The accolades then turned to the leadership of the 4-H clubs themselves, the Rangely 2016-2017 4-H council composed of president Samantha Lapp, vice president Riley Boydstun, secretary Kacie Lapp, treasurer Del Garner, reporter Savannah Taylor, historian Shauna Lapp, recreation leader Dechlin Taylor, pledge leader Austin Ficken, plus senators Samantha Lapp and Austin Ficken.
The very youngest 4-H associates, the Cloverbuds, the 5- to 7- year-olds who have been part of introductory 4-H activity, were recognized: Terran Allen and Rachel Elder, both for one year, and Dixie Hall for two years. It was noted that Elder is graduating into full-blown 4-H now.
Del and A.J Garner were tagged as member Junior Leaders of the Year.
Each year, the Rangely 4-H Council identifies a key member of the community who has given immense time and effort to ensuring success of club activity and multiple events. This year’s Friend of 4-H in Rangely is Shirley Sinclair. The 2017 Parent of the Year is Jeff LeBleu. The Leader of the Year is Crandal Mergelman.
In transitioning to thanking and identifying this year’s 4-H leaders, a quote from John Quincy Adams, the country’s sixth president, was raised up: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, you are a leader.” First year leaders noted were Janet Miller and Kerissa Taylor, second year leader Crandall Mergelman, third year leader Scott Myer, fourth through ninth year leaders Chris Hall, Nick Manchester, Terry Wygant, Bobbie and Daniel Fiscus, Heather Hall, Cindy and Rich Garner, Deserai and Daniel Lapp, and Kenneth Myers. Then the 10-plus year leaders were recognized as a special group: LaDonna Carlson (10), Loyce Gibbs (12), Tamara Dorris (13), and Debbie Smith (15).
The Rangely 4-H Explorers Club, Western Rio Blanco Livestock Club, Rimfires Club and Makin’ Bacon Club were noted for 100 percent completion commendation while the Panther Country Club and Troubled Trappers Club obtained 75 percent completion recognition. The County Fair Goat and Swine Herdsmanship award went to the Makin’ Bacon Club and the 4-H Fair and FFA Sheep Award went to the Western RB Livestock Club.
First year membership certificates and pins went to Aaleigha Donovan, Cameron Preciado, Cash Leischer, Clay Allred, Danielle Packer, Emma Winder, Harleigh Prater, Jace Vroman, Kaelyn Geer, Valynn Broderick, and Wrenaee Moore. Second year pins went to Braydin Raley, Dalton Dembowski, Dechlin Taylor, Fisher Winder, Jessica Taylor and Lexi LeBleu.
Third year pins were awarded to Caeleigh Donovan, Carmella Fortunato, Drake Miller, Elena Forbes, Justin Rusher, Kasen LeBleu, Kevin Wren, Rylee Wagner, and Savannah Taylor. Jumping to the ten year plus members, the pins went to Rae Lynn Norman and Troy Allred (11 years), Kaylalle Fortunato (12) and Katye Allred (13). Twenty-five members got general project completion checks for $27.02 each.
Bill Ekstrom presented the outstanding junior, intermediate and senior Rangely member awards to Dechlin Taylor, Savannah Taylor and Samantha Lapp respectively. Success and placing at the county fair, members qualifying to take projects to the state fair, and the ultrasound livestock carcass contest winners were also recognized. Most all of these results have been previously reported by the Herald Times.
In closing the evening, Jayda Lewis, 4-H program coordinator for Rangely, introduced and wished the new Rangely 4-H Council for 2017-2018 well: president Samantha Lapp and vice president Riley Boydstun will continue in those offices. Others are secretary Shauna Lapp, treasurer Kacie Lapp, historian Corbin Lucero, reporter Del Garner, pledge leader Tyson Lewis, recreation leader A.J. Garner, assistant recreation Leader Trey Lewis, and senators Samantha Lapp and Riley Boydstun.